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   Every year approximately 2-3 million sports concussions occur and only half end up getting diagnosed. The highest rate of injury is seen in soccer and lacrosse; followed by basketball, football and cheerleading. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury with a wide variety of symptom presentation and severity. While some athletes can recover in a week; others may have prolonged symptoms such as headaches, sleep disruption, fogginess, inability to focus and poor cardiovascular endurance. A sports concussion also significantly increases the risk for ankle sprains and ACL injuries if athletes return to sport too soon. 

     Individuals with concussion symptoms after 10 days need medical intervention and physical therapy to address healthy return to school and return to sport. Physical Therapy intervention is key to not only ensuring safe return to sport but significantly decreasing risk for further orthopedic injury. Fyzical specializes in vestibular and sports orthopedic therapy to provide a comprehensive and individualized plan of care for athletes of all ages.  

Dr. Maria Hierholzer, DPT